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    Santosh Adlinge Reply June 15, 2018

    The realization of my dream to buy a house in Paranda has come true: Right from the day I booked my plot at R M Dhariwal Township, to this day, I have been treated by everyone as a part of family. The warmth and support, and flexibility that they gave when I needed it the most, has made me not just a owner, but a part of the big family

    Apurva Shetye Reply June 15, 2018

    My journey to having acquired the property at R.M. Dhariwal Township at Tembhurni has been nothing less than perfect, all the people I have associated with at Chhoriya Realty have been extremely cordial and helpful and have handled the entire processing with a lot of warmth …they, at no moment have been overpowering , I would really wish every person who decides to buy a property to have a positive experience like I have had …….couldn’t have chosen any better that what I did

    Sanjay Kadam Reply June 15, 2018

    My experience with Chhoriya Realty has been extremely good and warm. In fact my thinking and experience about developers and builders have changed (positively and for better) after interacting with you guys. Thanks for all the support and keep it up.

    Sandip Manjare Reply June 15, 2018

    I am excited to invest in the RM Dhariwal Township at Tembhurni. The plan put forth by Chhoriya Realty team is commendable.
    The least I could do to support them in this unique venture was to become a part of the community itself. I had to overcome some initial financial hiccups to materialize, but it all seems worth an effort and providing value for money

    Anand Tonpe Reply June 15, 2018

    I had a very pleasant experience of dealing with Chhoriya Realty for the purchase of an apartment unit at Chhoriya Regency, Kurduwadi.

    The person – I have been communicating with for over a year now is Mr Prashant Shetye; and I found him to be a qualified & knowledgeable professional with forward looking perspective. However what struck me most is that he is also a thorough gentleman. I can say this with conviction because of certain experiences I had while interacting with him

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