The Management

Mr. Kanhaiyalal D. Jain

Mr. Kanhaiyalal D. Jain is the first promoter of the Group. Under his able leadership, Chhoriya Realty has grown from a real estate development firm to a diversified conglomerate.

Mr. Shantilal D. Jain

Mr. Shantilal D. Jain has more than 20 years experience in construction management and project execution. He also spearheads Chhoriya Pulses, a group company based at Jalgaon.

Mr. Dilip D. Jain

Mr. Dilip D. Jain is the youngest of three brothers in the family. He specializes in land laws, Government procedures, title investigations and obtaining project approvals.

Mr. Anmol Chhoriya

Mr. Anmol Chhoriya, a Civil Engineer and a management graduate, is the dynamic second generation leader. Along with the day-to-day operations of Chhoriya Realty, he focuses on Joint-ventures, partnerships and Investors relation. He has played a key role in development of construction business in its recent vibrant form.

Mr. Vinay Chhoriya

Mr. Vinay Chhoriya is a promising new generation entrant in the Chhoriya Realty. He is a Management graduate from UK. Education foray of the Group was his brain child.

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