Mahesh Nagar, Ramtek

Mahesh Nagar, Ramtek


Ramtek is a City and municipal council in Nagpur district of the Maharashtra. Ramtek has got Historic temple of lord Rama. It is believed that Ramtek was the place where Rama, the Hindu god, rested while he was in exile. Legend has it that the aashram of great Hindu sage Agastya was situated close to Ramtek. This place is also famous for its relation with great Sanskrit poet Kalidasa. It is believed that Kalidasa wrote Meghadūta in the hills of Ramtek.

Dhariwal & Chhoriya Group, fostering this change in Ramtek, is ensuring a complete new living experience to the residents of “Mahesh Nagar Plotting” located in the municipal town.

Mahesh Nagar Plotting Project have 88 premium fully developed NA Residential Plots with amenities like Main Entrance Gate, Concrete Roads, garden and attractive and environment friendly surrounding.

No of Plots
Plot Size
1326.66 Sqft
Plot Size
1372.41 Sqft
Plot Size
1404.72 Sqft
Plot Size
1406.32 Sqft
Plot Size
3229.20 Sqft


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